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15. Q&A Sessions- Applying for Postgraduate Studies

  This article contains the links to recordings of Q&A sessions I conducted on the application process of postgraduate studies. This will also contain the links for recordings of future Q&A sessions. 1) Link of Recording for 1st Q&A session ( 5 Dec 2021): Hope to conduct a similar type of Q&A session in the future!  

14. How to Apply for Postgraduate Studies? - Online Session (2021 October 1)

  The session consisted of a discussion (1 hour + 45 min) and a Q&A session (1 hour + 15 min). It was based on my two years of experience for applying higher studies and what I got to know from my lecturers, friends and seniors. Link of Recording for Discussion: Link of Recording for Q&A Session: Some other resources (links & useful Facebook groups) I mentioned during the session: Links The main article in my blog contains all the article links for every step: IQ Labs YouTube channel: Erasmus Mundus Scholarships (study in Europe): Facebook Groups කැනඩාවට එන්නට මග

13. Additional Resources and Tools

There are various resources you can refer to during the path of getting a higher study opportunity. Some web resources I know/used may be also useful for you. Some of them are websites or blogs while others are social media resources (basically Facebook groups and youtube channels).  Sometimes, getting updates on scholarships at one platform is easier for students who do not fix their minds about particular universities or scholarships. In such cases, some students like to find scholarships from a database or social media groups to get the awareness of ongoing scholarships. Some examples I have known/used are given below.  For getting updates on scholarships in many countries Websites:   Facebook private/public groups:  Scholarships - 2021-2022!  International Scholarships For getting updates on

12. My Applications to Universities in Four Countries

From the list of 10 countries and universities, I have considered 4 countries for my higher studies and made my MSc/ PhD applications according to the criteria of those respective universities. Thus, a total of 7 applications to 4 countries made by me. Among them, 3 applications were already successful while 1 application was in pending status and 3 of them were not successful.  University Details of Application Outcome Details of Outcome Australia / Application type - Direct PhD / Duration in years (average) – 4 University A (Times world ranking < 50) An interview with the supervisor was held initially. After the supervisor’s willingness to be my supervisor, the application was made. Automatic consideration for Research Training Program Scholarship (Stipend and Fee Offset) when the application was made. Pending Even after 1 year after submitting the application, I was on the waiting lis

11. MSc/ PhD Application to Universities

When the supervisor is satisfied, he/she tells you to apply for the MSc/PhD. It’s usually through an online portal and all the soft copies of relevant documents should be uploaded. After creating the online account in the university portal, you have to provide your personal, educational, professional details with supporting documents. 1. In general, the first step is creating an account as mentioned in the admission section on the university website. 2. Then you need to fill your personal, educational, professional details. 3. Some important documents should be uploaded as scanned copies/ soft copies to the online portal. Documents I needed to upload when I submitted my MSc/PhD applications Academic transcript (If the original document is not in English, then a translation also may be needed) Degree certificate (If the original document is not in English, then a translation also may be needed) Academic CV Research proposal Statement of purpose/ Statement of intent Research

10. SOP

  “A Statement of Purpose, also referred to as an SOP, is a reflection of your personality that you portray in front of the admission committee for getting enrolled in universities. It is your chance of impressing the committee by presenting your profile strongly through an essay that describes your personality traits, which are not covered in your academic documents.” SOP which is also known as Statement of purpose/ Statement of intent is kind of a document which states your real intention/ purpose to pursue a postgraduate study. SOP is usually needed when you are going to make your application to the university. However, some people also send this when contacting supervisors for the first time. SOP is usually 1-2 pages of documents which should be unique to yourself. It contains details of your education background, your future goals, expectations in postgraduate studies, reasons for the interest to respective supervisor and university, most importantly the story of your passion fo